Level Best laser grading boxes are the first choice of contractors and crews who need grade accuracy, smooth operation, machine durability, and simplicity of operation. Throughout North America Level Best products are the recognized leader in product design and technical support in high precision laser grading attachments. Level Best means fine grade made easy!


Level Best laser grading systems let you create a finish grade accurate to within 1/10th of an inch. There is no laser grading equipment more accurate than Level Best.

Smooth Performance

Operators love how smoothly Level Best operates in tough environments to create such highly precise grades. The key is the unique Level Best hydraulic valve system that adjusts six times per second on the fly. Operation is so smooth that you never know it's working so hard.

Durability and Service Life

Level Best grading boxes and laser systems are made to the highest standards of material and craftsmanship. You can expect Level Best units to log thousands of high production hours.

Simple and Easy Operation

Learning how to use Level Best systems is fast and easy, especially for operators who have worked with other kinds of grading systems. Training operators to step up to the demands of finish grading has never been easier. Outstanding fine grading results have never been easier to achieve.

Expert Dealer Support

Level Best laser grading equipment is available only through authorized Level Best dealers. They have all the resources contractors need for reliable support to keep finish grading work on schedule.