Level Best Laser Grading Boxes

Small details can make the biggest differences. That's why Level Best laser grading boxes are so carefully engineered and well made. Our super smooth hydraulic valve system allows for greater precision by eliminating jerky movements during adjustments. Operators love it. Only Level Best create grades as accurate as 1/10th of an inch with such ease, speed and reliability.

Compact - Tractor/Utility Vehicle

Compact Tractor / Utility Vehicle

Made for use with small utility vehicles and compact tractors for athletic field maintenance, starting at 48" wide.

Standard - Tractor

Standard Tractor

The most popular tractor mounted Level Best grading box, single or double mast, for demanding commercial applications.

Super Capacity - Tractor

Super Capacity Tractor

For the ultimate in grading production, these Level Best boxes measure up to 12' wide for high acreage jobs.

Skid Steer

Skid Steer

There is nothing else for skid steer loaders like the Level Best push-pull design and unmatched control and smooth finish.

Compact Tool Carrier

Compact Tool Carrier

Level Best PC-series boxes are the smallest and most maneuverable high-precision grading options available today.